Come show with us!

Come show with us! Signature Stables is accepting new riders and horses to join our team. Beautiful state of the art facility, a program tailored to meet each horse & rider’s needs and a show schedule created to suit all levels. Hunters, jumpers, equitation and sales. Contact us for more information and a tour of the facility!

Congratulations to all of our riders and their horses

Congratulations to all of our riders and their horses on a great winter show season in Ocala, FL. We started at WEC and finished at HITS and had a fantastic experience at each venue. We are incredibly proud of our riders and their great riding, hard work and successes this winter. We are looking forward to the spring season ahead. Thank you to everyone who made this winter successful. And thank you to our amazing sponsors for helping us to look and perform our best.

Signature South Update

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Signature here in Ocala!

Laura Richardson and Rock With Me 🎸 have been growing as a team in the younger Adult Amateur Hunters.

Jenn & Gandalf 🦄 have been putting in solid rounds in the 3’6 Performance Hunters, including a blue ribbon trip and blue in the hack. Laura van Rooyen and Gandalf have also had some great ribbons in the Adult 3’ Equitation medals.

Jenn & Maggie Greene’s Rio Java House ☕️have had good experience in the Training and Low Hunters, getting ribbons in big classes.

Jenn & Biarritz 🕺🏼 have done well in the 3’3 Performance Hunters, taking home ribbons in good company. As well as Laura van Rooyen piloting him to a champion in the Adult Amateur Hunters.

Grier van Rooyen & Amor de Tortuga 🐢 stepped up to the 11 & Under Equitation and earned Champion.

In addition to those riders & their horses, we’ve had a few new additions join the show here at Signature South 🌴

Cecillia Machado & Iciloctro Fomia 🦸🏼‍♂️ had great rides and ribbons in the Adult Equitation.

Amy Porchetta & Colour Magi 🎨 performed well in the middle Adult Amateur hunters, ribboning in their under saddle.

Anastasia Klyashtorny & Fantastique 🌟competed in the Children’s Hunters and had some great rounds, including a 2nd in one of the over fences. Proud of all our horses & riders on their accomplishments over these past couple weeks, looking forward to our last week here!

Another great week here at HITS!

Maggie Greene and her Rio Java House won a class out of 28 in the Adult Amateur Hunters and placed 2nd in the $500 Smartpak Adult Hunter Classic.

Gandalf and Jenn had a great week in the 3’6 Performance Hunters with a 3rd in the Handy in good competition. Gandalf also won the Dover Adult Medal with owner Laura van Rooyen.

Rock With Me and Laura Richardson were 3rd in a class out of a big field in the Adult 2’6 Equitation.

Biarritz and Laura van Rooyen were 3rd in a 3’3” A/O out of a competitive group as well.

So proud of all our horses and riders this week on their achievements! Looking forward to the remainder of our time here, big thank you to our awesome sponsors for all they do!

A great first week at HITS!

We wrapped up a great first week here at HITS! Jenn and Gandalf had some solid rounds in a competitive group in the 3’6 Performance Hunters. Laura van Rooyen and Biarritz had some great rides in the Amateur Owner 3’3 Hunters, including a blue ribbon trip ⭐️ And Laura Richardson and her new mount Rock With Me made their debut in the show ring in the Adult Amateur 2’6 Equitation, finishing Reserve Champion 🏆 Thank you to our incredible sponsors, we are so grateful for all you do! Tomorrow kicks off another week at HITS 💪🏼

Congratulations to Sarah Stein York

Congratulations to Signature Stables alum, Sarah Stein York on the purchase of Call on Me. Thank you to Michelle Moen of @mandmtraining for importing this talented young horse and thank you to Elizabeth Blaisdell @hiddenwellstables for connecting us with Michelle. We can’t wait to watch this pair in the hunter ring! 🦄

WEC Ocala

We had a wonderful two weeks at WEC Ocala. This is our first time here and our horses and riders truly rose to the occasion and progressed through out our time here. Maggie Greene’s Rio Java House and Jenn had some notable rounds in a field of 50 in the WEC 3’ Hunter. Laura van Rooyen’s Gandalf and Biarritz were also piloted by Jenn in the 3’6 Performance Hunters. Laura van Rooyen rode Gandalf in the 3’ Adult Eq and finished Reserve Champion. She also rode Biarritz in the $15,000 Jr/Am 3’ Hunter Derby and finished 2nd with a combined total of 174. Thank you to our amazing sponsors and support system for keeping us going, looking forward to the rest of our time here in Florida 🌴🌞🍊

Kicking off the 2022 show season

Kicking off the 2022 show season down in Ocala at the picturesque World Equestrian Center! Congratulations to our horses and riders for jumping back into the show ring and laying down some wonderful rides.

Special congratulations to Laura van Rooyen on her Champion in the 3’3 A/Os on Biarritz! And in addition we’d like to congratulate Maggie Greene’s Rio Java House piloted by Jenn Tirrell for taking home ribbons in all of his NSBA 2’9 Hunter classes, out of nearly 50 horses! Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for helping us to keep ourselves and our horses looking sharp. Looking forward to the week ahead 🌴🌞🏇🏼