Signature South Update

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Signature here in Ocala!

Laura Richardson and Rock With Me 🎸 have been growing as a team in the younger Adult Amateur Hunters.

Jenn & Gandalf 🦄 have been putting in solid rounds in the 3’6 Performance Hunters, including a blue ribbon trip and blue in the hack. Laura van Rooyen and Gandalf have also had some great ribbons in the Adult 3’ Equitation medals.

Jenn & Maggie Greene’s Rio Java House ☕️have had good experience in the Training and Low Hunters, getting ribbons in big classes.

Jenn & Biarritz 🕺🏼 have done well in the 3’3 Performance Hunters, taking home ribbons in good company. As well as Laura van Rooyen piloting him to a champion in the Adult Amateur Hunters.

Grier van Rooyen & Amor de Tortuga 🐢 stepped up to the 11 & Under Equitation and earned Champion.

In addition to those riders & their horses, we’ve had a few new additions join the show here at Signature South 🌴

Cecillia Machado & Iciloctro Fomia 🦸🏼‍♂️ had great rides and ribbons in the Adult Equitation.

Amy Porchetta & Colour Magi 🎨 performed well in the middle Adult Amateur hunters, ribboning in their under saddle.

Anastasia Klyashtorny & Fantastique 🌟competed in the Children’s Hunters and had some great rounds, including a 2nd in one of the over fences. Proud of all our horses & riders on their accomplishments over these past couple weeks, looking forward to our last week here!