HITS Post Time Ocala

We had a fantastic experience at HITS Post Time Ocala! To wrap up our season here, we were honored to have many of our riders earn mid circuit and grand circuit awards for their performances. We are incredibly proud of our horses and riders for all their hard work and successes this winter. Thank you to everyone who made this season successful. Our wonderful grooms: Denis, Norvin, Williams & Jesus, for prepping and having our horses ready to put their best foot forward. To our amazing vets, farriers, and magnawave providers for their hard work in keeping our horses fit and able to compete. Our clients, for the devotion to the sport and most importantly, to our horses. For being the best partners and for giving us their all each time they step into the ring. Grateful for moments like these ✨

Signature Stables is now accepting select few horses and riders to come join our team, please contact Jenn if interested